It’s not often that you get the opportunity to work on a project that can have such a positive impact on other people’s lives, but when my friends at CO/LAB set out on a mission to expand their reach and help their actors better than ever before, I jumped at the chance to help them out by creating this promotional video for their fundraising campaign.


Client CO/LAB Theater Group
Design, Animation & Sound Design Sergio Ribero

The Ask

CO/LAB reached out to help them create a 90-second animated explainer to promote their 2023 fundraiser campaign.

We started with explorations of style and visuals around early versions of the script. As we finessed the storyboards, we landed on the concept of a space launch as a metaphor for the journey CO/LAB is embarking on.

Screenshot of the Muse app, showcasing project details and brainstorming.
Rough storyboard sketches. Refined storyboards presented to the client.

These early styleframes gave us a pretty good idea of the look we were going for in the final piece, but they also helped define how elements such as images and text could be included in the video. We chose to keep a jagged and imperfect look to the shapes to represent the human touch behind CO/LAB, while the use of props similar to those you’d find in a puppet shot and set dressing, helped anchor the visuals to something many folks at CO/LAB could recognise from their shows.

Design styleframe Design styleframe

Sergio is a fantastic collaborator and animator. We were amazed at how well he captured our brand, represented our organization, and turned our ideas into a stunning final product. The animation he created for us is beautiful, and was such an engaging piece of content that invigorated our fundraising outreach. I hope we can work together again soon!

Chris Carcione, CO/LAB Theater Group.

Animating this piece was a blast. Below are a few breakdows of some of the scenes in the explainer that were a joy to work on, such as the rocket's smoke.

Animation breakdown Smoke animation breakdown