Google - Spring

It’s always a joy when you get to create something for a well known brand, but having that brand be Google is something else completely. These illustrations, created for internal communications, allowed us to explore how Google’s brand and existing illustration systems could be translated into the third dimension.

Featured image for Google - Spring


Client Google
Creative Director Carolina Gutierrez
Art Direction Zamir Bermeo
Modelling, Texturing and Rendering Sergio Ribero

The Ask

We were tasked with creating a series of illustrations to acompany internal communications around the concept of spring.

We wanted to push Google’s illustration style into new territory and explore how their brand could translate into a 3D illustration style. We explored different materials and modelling techniques to capture the geometric and whimsical nature of their 2D illustration systems and finally arrived at something that felt physical and unmistakably Google.

3D illustration of a night-time scene, where a phone's notifications have fallen down and a Do-Not-Disturb icon appears in the centre
A 3D illustration of a bee with black and yellow stripes flying on top of a blue backdrop. Next to the bee is a nest with two colourful eggs and wooden texture. 3D illustration of an abstract and geometric tree.
3D illustration of several abstract trees and a plant in a geometric style Geometric 3D illustration of a phone in Do Not Disturb mode, with notifications floating around it and two wooden, glowing lamps on either side