Keep Fighting

I’m no stranger to living with a mental illness. Some days can be a battle against your thoughts or emotions, and it takes great effort to do the simplest things. It’s on these days that I most wish someone would hug me and tell me to keep going. That’s what led to this project. I wanted to create a message that could serve as a reminder to keep fighting when it gets hard.


Design, Animation & SFX Sergio Ribero

It was fun to stick to a minimalist style for this project and let the expression come from the animation itself. The simple illustrations help create a soothing feeling, instead of overwhelming the audience with visuals and movement.

Design styleframe of dots with trails moving up across a dark background on the bottom half of the screen. The text Design styleframe of a small circle surrounded by two larger and darker circles, closing in. The caption
Design styleframe of three small circles drawing lines on a dark background. The lines converge to form the silhouette of a staircase. Design styleframe of a dark blob with a wavy border and the text