The Physics of Music

An extremely fun project where I was able to create fun monster characters to explain the science behind music and sound. I loved the challenge of simplifying the complex science of sound in a way that would be easy to understand using illustration and animation.

Featured image for The Physics of Music


Design & Animation Sergio Ribero

It all begins with thumbnailing the visuals that go along the script. This was the most challenging part of the project as it involved researching the science behind sound and figuring out a simple way of illustrating it for the audience.

Rough storyboards showing cartoon monsters interacting with music instruments and sounds.

Desiging the characters was extremely fun. I knew I'd be animating these using a rig, so I tried to keep them simple using basic shapes, but that didn't stop me from having fun with they're designs and expressions.

Illustration of cartoon monsters in different sizes and colours.

Finally bringing it all together by completing the rest of the boards and preparing the rigs for animation. Rigging expressive characters isn’t always easy, but I loved the challenge the designs provided.

Design styleframe of several coloured circles rotating around the text A 3-column grid of three monster characters. One is holding a phone, the second one is listening to music on headphones and crying, and the third has a question mark above its head.
Illustration of a digital user interface analysing the frequencies of a sound.
Illustration of sheet music on a pentagram. Illustration of a monster holding a phone in a park, surrounded by trees.
Illustration of a piano keyboard. The G key is highlighted, and several geometric shapes are bursting around it. Illustration of a monster holding a guitar on top of a red background.